Michael Best Strategies is one of the nation’s fast-growing B2B consulting firms specializing in lobbying, government relations, public affairs, crisis management, shared value strategies, political partnership development and community/stakeholder engagement strategies.

With offices in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Austin, Denver and Salt Lake City, we partner with clients at the local, regional and national levels, depending on their unique goals and objectives. Our strong bipartisan relationships from statehouses to the nation’s Capital provide a unique and comprehensive spectrum of influence to benefit Strategies’ clients.

We particularly excel at the healthcare, energy and environment, manufacturing, tax and finance, higher education and agriculture, food and beverage industries. We have assembled some of the nation’s most prominent and respected advisors, including many from inside the halls of government, to design and execute sound solutions to achieve client goals.

Our diverse family of experts has one very important thing in common: we all deliver an exceptional standard of client care that sets a new crossbar in our industry. We are responsive, creative, collaborative and tenacious. And, we all love what we do.

Michael Best Strategies is affiliated with Michael Best & Friedrich, a full-service law firm with over 250 lawyers operating in 13 offices nationwide. That affiliation, along with an array of industry-leading external partners who can be engaged as needed, allows us to provide our clients with the broadest possible scope of meaningful solutions.


Avalon Theatre

Denise Bode Named Vice Chair of the Avalon Foundation

Michael Best Strategies Partner, Denise Bode, has been named Chair of the Avalon Foundation after serving two years as the organization’s Vice Chair. She...
Madison Capitol

Wisconsin Political Roundup- June Edition

In our third edition of the Wisconsin Political Round Up, Nathan Houdek and Andrew Hitt take a closer look at both sides of the...
Immigration Policy Article

The Confused Struggle in Forging Immigration Policy

This week began with an array of reports showing the Trump Administration’s strong support for a child separation policy for families illegally crossing the...
Voting booths

A Potential Break in the House’s Blue Wave

The fall midterm contests are often a national referendum on the incumbent president’s first half of his term. Historically, presidents above a 50% approval...
Cartoon of elephant and donkey boxing in patriotic apparel

Wisconsin Political Round Up – May Edition

In the second edition of the Wisconsin Political Round Up, Nathan Houdek and Andrew Hitt take a closer look at both sides of the...
Andrew Hitt speaking during panel discussion

Hitt Participates in Inaugural Wisconsin Lawyers Chapters Conference

Andrew Hitt, Michael Best Strategies partner and chief operating officer, recently participated in a panel discussion on the state and federal judicial selection process...


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