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Governmental decisions and legislation are often critical to business success and the Michael Best Strategies Government Relations team has the expertise and bipartisan political relationships necessary to give clients a seat at the legislative or regulatory table. Our lobbying experience delivers results at the local, state and national levels, which helps clients advance policy and regulatory reforms that position them for greater success. We specialize in policy matters across a variety of industry segments, including healthcare, energy and environment, tax and finance, higher education, manufacturing and agriculture, food and beverage, among others. Download PDF

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Madison Capitol

Wisconsin Political Roundup- June Edition

In our third edition of the Wisconsin Political Round Up, Nathan Houdek and Andrew Hitt take a closer look at both sides of the...
Hemp Seeds

Colorado Update: Industrial Hemp

Despite its legalization as an “industrial crop” in 2014, hemp still faces significant legal and, consequently, market uncertainty. Because hemp is a variety of...
Voting booths

A Potential Break in the House’s Blue Wave

The fall midterm contests are often a national referendum on the incumbent president’s first half of his term. Historically, presidents above a 50% approval...
Colorado Capitol Building

2018 Colorado Legislative Session Highlights

The 2018 Colorado General Assembly squeezed just about every second out of the statutorily prescribed 120-day legislative session, concluding official business at 11:58 p.m....

Governor Walker’s Key Budgetary Statistics and Instructions

Budget Process Wisconsin has a biennial budget that officially begins in the fall of even-numbered years when state agencies submit their budget requests to the...

Trade War is Launched

The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it is imposing new duties of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum imports...

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