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Agriculture, Food & Beverage

healthcare We understand the regulatory and policy challenges and opportunities in the food business, from farm to table. Our expertise extends from food and milk producers to processors, distributors, hospitality providers, and restaurants.

Meet Our Agriculture, Food & Beverage Team

Rob Marchant
President and Partner
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Andrew Hitt
Partner and Chief Operating Officer
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Margaret McInnis
Junior Associate
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Karen Timberlake
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Denise Bode
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Kevin Swanson
Senior Associate
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Patrick Firth
Legislative Assistant
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Evan Zeppos
Principal and Senior Affairs Advisor
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Mickey Foti
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Jeff Thormodsgaard
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Tom Schreibel
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Sarah Helton
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Derek E. Brown
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Chase Everton
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Katie Wolf
Senior Associate
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Alex Hayes
Senior Associate
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Alex Nichols
Legislative Assistant
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Chip Englander
Senior Advisor
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Tyler Foti
Senior Associate
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Abby Walsh
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