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healthcareWe specialize in healthcare from every perspective: health plans and providers; trade associations and advocacy groups; key service providers, like pharmacies and data analytics firms; and government agencies and compliance.

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Andrew Hitt
Partner and Chief Operating Officer
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Beth Cubriel
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Jenise May
Senior Associate
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Mickey Foti
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Margaret McInnis
Junior Associate
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Karen Timberlake
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Jeff Thormodsgaard
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Nathan Houdek
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Katie Wolf
Senior Associate
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Stephanie Vojas
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Senior Advisor
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Chip Englander
Senior Advisor
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Anne Canfield
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Delayed Medicare Infographic

More Seniors Are Working and Delaying Medicare Enrollment

Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that 3.8% of today’s U.S. workforce is 65 or older. That’s the same percentage of workforce as the...
Mature Adult Woman Receiving Medication Instructions From Nurse.

Illinois: Medicaid Managed Care Expansion Begins

HealthChoice Illinois, the state’s revamped Medicaid Managed Care Program, took effect at the beginning of this year. Illinois’ new program will serve all of Illinois’...
An aisle in a pharmacy. The commercial product(s) or designs displayed in this image represent simulations of a real product, and are changed or altered enough so that they are free of any copyright infringements. Our team of retouching and design specialists custom designed these elements for each photo shoot

Drug Prices, Employer Impact and Remedies

America is Home to the World’s Highest Drug Prices America is not only home to the highest drug prices in the world, with American consumers...


SNAPSHOT: Health Insurance Open Enrollment Recap

Open enrollment for 2018 health insurance coverage in the ACA marketplace ended in most states on December 15th.  Here’s a look at the numbers. National Enrollment at About 8.7 million people signed up for a 2018 health plan during a shortened open enrollment. Of these: ...


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