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healthcare Our deep understanding of the new tax law and inside knowledge of future plans in Washington, D.C. help our clients plan for maximum profitability. Our experienced team was not only involved in the 2017 tax reform, they were also intimately involved with tax reform in the 1980s.

Meet Our Tax & Finance Team

Anne Canfield
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Sarah Helton
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Denise Bode
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Patrick Firth
Legislative Assistant
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Alex Nichols
Legislative Assistant
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Jeff Thormodsgaard
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Travis Shea
Senior Associate
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Margaret McInnis
Junior Associate
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Tom Schreibel
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J.B. Van Hollen
Senior Advisor
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Michael Heifetz
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Derek E. Brown
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Chase Everton
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Keidanren Roundtable

Trade and Tariff Roundtable

Michael Best Strategies partners Anne Canfield and Tom Schreibel presented to Keidanren USA, the Japanese Business Federation, which represents over 1,300 Japanese companies. The...
Roll of dollars on a blackboard with strategy planning.

Update: U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Federal Ban on Sports Betting. Is Sports Betting Coming...

Update 5/14/18: The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the federal law that bans sports betting. The court’s decision comes in a case in New Jersey that now...
Businessman working on his laptop with webinar website on his computer screen

Webinar: Trade and Tariffs in the Trump Era – A Roadmap for Businesses

Michael Best Strategies Partners, Denise Bode and Anne Canfield, dive into how to navigate recent changes in trade and tariffs during a webinar on June 11. The...


Illinois: Pension Reform Debate

An ongoing bipartisan effort in Illinois is pension reform. According to Bloomberg, Illinois owes $129 billion to its five retirement systems after years of failing to make adequate annual contributions. One proposal being tossed around to shore up the balance sheet is to borrow...


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