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We know the issues. We know the people. We know the politics. We know the policies and regulations. Our strong set of values, together with our highly collaborative approach and engagement with each client, enables Strategies to deliver the highest quality service and excellent counsel.

Governmental Affairs

MBS Government relations

Governmental decisions are often critical to business success, and Strategies has the expertise and political relationships necessary to effectively represent clients and advocate for their interests in the lawmaking and regulatory process.

Public Affairs

MBS Public Affairs

Often, a successful business strategy requires a strategic effort to educate relevant stakeholders and communities of interest and motivate them to act. Strategies crafts and deploys cogent and winning narratives that lay the groundwork for business growth and successful public policy outcomes. We have expertise in using public opinion polling and other tools to drive success.

Shared Value Business Consulting

MBS Business Consulting

Strategies works with clients to enhance brand image, mitigate reputational and operational risk, strengthen workforce, and enhance community relationships. Companies are increasingly taking a “shared value” approach – connecting efforts in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, employee engagement, and community relations to core strategy and operations to create conditions for success and growth.

Strategic Political Relationships

Active engagement in the political process is an opportunity to protect and advance your business and industry interests. We utilize our strong relationships with state and federal campaign teams to guide our clients in creating and maximizing valuable political relationships.

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Michael Best Strategies LLC is affiliated with and owned in part by the law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. Your retention of Michael Best Strategies LLC does not constitute or otherwise create an attorney-client relationship with the law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. Additionally, Michael Best Strategies LLC cannot and will not provide any legal services. If during the course of your representation by Michael Best Strategies LLC it becomes apparent that your interests will be furthered by the provision of legal services, you may at your discretion choose to enter into an attorney-client relationship with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. However, your retention of Michael Best Strategies LLC does not require you to use Michael Best & Friedrich LLP for any such legal services.