The 2018 Illinois General Election has concluded for Constitutional, State Legislative, County and Congressional elected officials. The candidates who won their respective general election will be sworn in at the January 2019 inauguration event(s). The races that received the majority of the media attention and publicity were for statewide offices (e.g. Gubernatorial, Attorney General).

However, many Illinois House and Senate races were highly contested and received notable media attention as well. For State Legislative races, this General Election consisted of a record number of “open” seats (i.e. where the incumbent decided not to seek re-election or resigned) . Below is information on the various General Elections for statewide Constitutional Officers, Illinois Legislative and Illinois Congressional races:

Statewide Constitutional Officers

The majority of the media attention focused on the statewide elections for both Governor and Attorney General. For Governor, incumbent Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner faced off against Democrat, J.B. Pritzker. There were also two other candidates, Kash Jackson (Libertarian) and current State Senator, Sam McCann (Conservative Party). This has been a record Election cycle with respect to campaign spending.

The race for Illinois Attorney General included a two-way race between current State Senator, Kwame Raoul (Democrat), and Erika Harold (Republican). The winner replaces longtime Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan (Democrat), who opted not to seek re-election.

Below (and at the top of this story) are the results of some notable General Elections with the winners highlighted in blue:

Illinois Statehouse Races

It should be noted that the Illinois House of Representatives currently consists of 67 Democrats and 51 Republicans, and the Senate consists of a super-majority of 37 Democrats and 22 Republicans for the remainder of the 100th General Assembly, which concludes on Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

The General Election for both House and Senate races saw incumbents lose. In the Senate, 39 of the 59 seats were up for election in 2018. The 101st General Assembly, in the House of Representatives, will consist of 73 Democrats—possibly a few more pending any recounts—and 45 Republicans. The House Democrats saw a net gain of 6 seats and will now have a supermajority for the 101st General Assembly.

The Senate will consist of 39 Democrats and 20 Republicans, which increases the Senate’s supermajority for the 101st General Assembly. At this point, it is not anticipated that any changes in leadership will occur. Below are the results of some notable General Elections with the winners highlighted in blue:

Illinois Congressional Races

The current make-up of the Illinois Congressional delegation is 11 Democrats and 7 Republican, and both United States Senators from Illinois are Democrats (e.g. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth). Neither Senate seat was up for election in 2018.  As for the Illinois Congressional races, Democrats picked up two seats, knocking off two incumbent suburban Republicans. The Illinois Congressional delegation, after inauguration, will consist of 13 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Below are results of the Illinois Congressional races with the winners highlighted in blue:

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Bio Link Prior to joining Michael Best Strategies, Travis Shea was a senior analyst for the Office of the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, Michael Madigan. While in that role, he worked with legislators, staff and various stakeholders on the development, analysis, and negotiation of legislation. Shea served as the speaker’s point person for issues related to the state budget, capital, gaming, economic development, and bonding. Expertise: Illinois Legislative Process, Bill Drafting, Strategic Planning, State Budget, and Tax & Finance


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