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The success of most business decisions today is directly related to effective strategic communications, both internally and externally. A properly executed communications strategy ensures everyone understands the “why” of the strategy decision and “how” their daily work contributes to the overall big picture.

Michael Best Strategies has a full-service strategic communications team – built by proactive professionals with decades of real-world experiences and proven track records in delivering clear and winning narratives to lay the groundwork for smart business growth and successful public policy outcomes.

Here is an overview of the value-added services you can leverage to get the job done right.

Elevate Your Brand & Strategy

Your brand is the essence of your reputation, shaped by every interaction with stakeholders. We partner with you to ensure your brand reflects the promises you make and the experiences you deliver. Our comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and competitors empowers our clients to make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and identify relevant growth opportunities.

Our team will deliver a clearly defined emotional and functional promise(s) that drives customer brand loyalty, while creatively and consistently attracting new engagement by communicating how your products, services, and people deliver on those promises.

Achieve Strategic Communications

Developing and executing strategic communications is key to driving growth and mitigating future risks. It aligns messaging with business goals, ensuring a consistent narrative that resonates with the brand and its values. By focusing on long-term objectives, it helps navigate immediate challenges while setting a course for sustainable success. Incorporating expert insights can further enhance the company effectively, capturing and increasing target market, making it a vital tool for any forward-thinking organization.

Our integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your communication needs is addressed, from shaping public perception to driving strategic business growth. Let’s work together to build a powerful narrative for your brand.

Enhance Media and Public Relations

Combine media savvy and a clear message to frame – and own the narrative.

Success often requires a victory in the court of public opinion, and executing strategic public relations is central to elevating an issue and driving a clear message that cuts through. From engaging with reporters and pitching stories to generating earned media and executing digital campaigns, a comprehensive plan can ensure that your message reaches – and persuades – your target audience. Advance your cause with a multi-channel, campaign-like effort that achieves your desired objectives whether earning and owning media or leveraging our team’s experience to liaise with reporters and land interviews; We’re here to advise you to leverage every opportunity.

Effective Crisis Management

In the realm of corporate crisis communication, our services take a comprehensive strategic approach. We understand that not every issue escalates to a crisis, and our expertise lies in guiding executives to navigate controversial topics with finesse. Our approach involves crafting credible messages, anticipating media reactions, and preparing for external feedback, ensuring that even topics such as regulatory actions are managed effectively to avoid crisis escalation.

Our team is adept at developing comprehensive crisis communication plans for a diverse range of clients, including service companies, manufacturers, and nonprofit organizations. We are not just about planning; we provide on-site support during crises, offering sage advice on media relations, social media management, and stakeholder engagement. For businesses embarking on litigation, we offer invaluable assistance to prepare for the scrutiny from internal and external stakeholders that follows.

Trust in our team to protect your company’s reputation and help navigate through even the most challenging situations.

Build Impactful Advocacy Campaigns

Gain traction with your cause by building an effective advocacy campaign that grows strong coalitions and crafts compelling campaigns through strategic multistate, grassroots, and grass tops efforts. We empower you to connect with key influencers, mobilize communities, and create a narrative that drives action and achieves results. With our passion for organization and a proven track record of success, we are your partners in advocacy, dedicated to positioning your initiatives for maximum impact. Let's transform your vision into a movement.


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