Implementing Autonomous Solutions


When we say “autonomy”, we mean more than drones and self-driving cars. Autonomy is a powerful combination of data processing, connectivity infrastructure, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable dynamic decision-making in known and unknown situation. Applications include machine autonomy, system autonomy, and human-machine interfaces.

What We Do

We provide guidance and insight for a variety of business needs related to autonomuos systems. As robotic and AI-enabled technologies proliferate, autonomous systems are being tested and deployed in a stunning range of applications. These innovations are rapidly changing how we live and work. Whether your company is built around developing autonomous technology or you are incorporating these innovations into your existing business model, or your community is seeking to harness them to enable new services, our autonomous consultants can help you accelerate adoption and maximize benefits.

Our guidance provides our clients a competitive advantage allowing them to hone their commercialization strategies, adapt to fast-changing conditions, and develop policies and integration strategies for autonomous technologies, and attract innovation.

How We Do It  

Michael Best takes a comprehensive approach to autonomous systems development and integration, addressing technical, regulatory, and social challenges. Our focus is on responsible development and deployment of autonomy through guidance, awareness, and strategic planning for execution.

We help clients navigate evolving regulations at every level. We continuously monitor state-of the-art technology, use cases, operational trends, and legislation, to help clients grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive field.

Our professionals have a reputation for blazing trails and making bold decisions to move the industry forward. Our multidisciplinary team combines deep knowledge and more than 30 years of industry experience with full-service business advisory capabilities, complemented by robust legal and government relations expertise. We serve clients from government entities to start-ups to major corporations in an array of industry sectors.

Service Offerings

Autonomous Insights Subscription

Flat-fee retainer option for anytime access to our experienced integrated Michael Best team to answer your questions, provide valuable insights, and strategize on next steps for your organization or project.

Custom Projects

  • Developing competitive business models based on current and projected needs.
  • Comprehensive market analyses.
  • Strategies for commercialization and future investment.
  • Project management for exploratory projects leveraging autonomous technologies.
  • Guidance on insurance issues and risk management.

Start Developing Your Autonomy Strategy

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