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Governmental decisions are often critical to business success, and Strategies has the expertise and government relationships necessary to effectively represent clients and advocate for their interests in the lawmaking and regulatory process. We know how agendas are set and decisions are made in the legislative and administrative arms of government. We leverage this understanding to help our clients efficiently define, shape and navigate governmental decisions to obtain positive outcomes more quickly. And because our work is grounded in a business consulting approach, we develop a unique level of expertise and understanding of the issues our clients care about and the ways that policy, laws or regulations affect our client’s business and the broader community, industry, state or country. As such, we are viewed by our contacts within government as valuable, trusted sources of quality information and a bridge between government decision-makers and the people, organizations and communities impacted by those decisions.

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Wisconsin Passes Law Allowing Rideshare Scooters

On Thursday, June 20th, the Wisconsin General Assembly approved a set of rules that would allow electric scooters on roads and sidewalks. This week,...
Trade War

Why American Business Is Closely Watching Trade Talks at the G-20 This Weekend

This weekend, the U.S. business community has been focused on whether President Trump will make good on his threat to actually impose new tariffs...
Technical Education

An Investment in Technical Education

What is career and technical education (CTE)? According to the Perkins Act, a CTE program is defined as one that:  “Provides individuals with rigorous academic...
capitol building

Business Tax Extenders Getting More Focus from Tax-Writing Committees

A preliminary draft of provisions for House legislation extending temporary tax breaks would renew the expired breaks through 2019 while moving up the expiration...
Trade War

MBS Trade Overview: Chinese and American Product Exports Hit with Higher Tariffs with Opportunity...

Overview Overall, trade talks between the United States and China ended Friday, May 10 with no final deal other than a commitment to continue to...
people on phones drinking coffee

Trump Signs Executive Order Declaring National Emergency to Protect U.S. Telecom Networks

President Trump has issued an executive order declaring a national emergency and prohibiting U.S. companies from using telecom services that are solely owned, controlled,...

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