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Governmental decisions are often critical to business success, and Strategies has the expertise and government relationships necessary to effectively represent clients and advocate for their interests in the lawmaking and regulatory process. We know how agendas are set and decisions are made in the legislative and administrative arms of government. We leverage this understanding to help our clients efficiently define, shape and navigate governmental decisions to obtain positive outcomes more quickly. And because our work is grounded in a business consulting approach, we develop a unique level of expertise and understanding of the issues our clients care about and the ways that policy, laws or regulations affect our client’s business and the broader community, industry, state or country. As such, we are viewed by our contacts within government as valuable, trusted sources of quality information and a bridge between government decision-makers and the people, organizations and communities impacted by those decisions. Download PDF

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2018 Recap & 2019 Look-ahead: Technology

Major U.S. Congressional Actions in 2018 – Technology RAY BAUM’s Act • Reauthorized the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the first time in 28 years. • Directs...

Clean Energy Initiatives Have Momentum

The Democrat-led General Assembly in Illinois has notable clean energy agenda items that they’re prioritizing during this legislative session now that Governor JB Pritzker...
An oil and gas pumpjack silhoutte with dramatic sunset.

Colorado Passes Fossil Fuel Oversight Law That Could Be Model for Other States

This week, a controversial bill overhauling the regulation of oil and gas in Colorado was passed. This change comes as Colorado pumps record volumes...

Illinois Considering Statewide Plastic Bag Tax

In response to Illinois’ budget crisis, there have been a number of proposals discussed to increase the state’s revenue. Two proposals would make Illinois...

2018 Recap & 2019 Look-ahead: Tax

Major U.S. Congressional Actions in 2018 – Tax H.R. 1: Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) Permanently reduces the corporate tax to 21% and temporarily...
Businessman looking at the enormous network.

Leaders in the Federal Government Embrace Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology continues to garner the attention and trust of the federal government, recognizing that it can make our government more efficient, transparent, and...

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