healthcare The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was the most robust overhaul to the United States’ tax code in over 30 years. Along with this came many complicated provision changes that can make it difficult for businesses to navigate the U.S. tax system. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is not the end of debate. Congress is considering bill modifications, including technical corrections and clarifications. Congress and White House are talking Tax Reform 2.0 to make the provisions permanent. And 2018 midterm elections will remain a challenging legislative environment; it is unclear whether Democrats will mend a bill they did not support.

Recognizing the challenging environment of tax reform, the MBS tax policy team offers services to small businesses, large companies and trade associations to help achieve their business goals and plan for future laws, technical corrections and regulations. Our professionals offer decades of experience dating back to the 1986 tax reform, and provide expertise for domestic, multinational and international corporations with a variety of research, updates and in-depth analysis to make informed business decisions.

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