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tradeNew trade policies adopted by the Trump administration have disrupted world markets and sent confusion through manufacturing and agricultural sectors at home and abroad. Industries once unexposed to punitive tariff and trade actions now face exposure and threats to international market access and price competitiveness. In this new environment, trade policy relations require rapid and nimble advocacy and coalition building responses.

Michael Best Strategies has a dedicated trade team of experts who work with you directly to help you navigate these regulatory and tariff issues. Our team can provide services including filing public comments, exclusion applications for your product at issue, building support from political leaders and private stakeholders, and guidance on the processes. Our team knows the Trump Administration’s considerations and the key factors for Section 301 and 232 tariff exclusion actions. Lastly, we can also work with you to determine alternative customs options to help provide your business with relief.

Meet Our Trade Team

Denise Bode
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Anne Canfield
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Tom Schreibel
Chief Resources Officer and Partner
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Sarah Helton
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Jeff Hartley
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Beth Cubriel
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Alex Nichols
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Patrick Firth
Legislative Assistant
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