Environmental regulations and policies are pivotal to the success of most businesses. Their intricate and ever-changing nature requires deep understanding and proactive guidance to effectively navigate.

How We Do It

Drawing on our robust expertise in air, water, and land use regulations, bolstered by a stellar reputation for supporting innovators, Michael Best’ Environment team delivers strategic, proactive advice — articulated in clear, concise terms — for client success.

Our network extends to key regulators and legislators, both state and federal, facilitating efficient collaboration with technical staff, environmental consultants, and experts to expedite approvals. Our proactive approach transforms challenges into points of opportunity.

What We Offer

Members of our team have served in government, industry, trade associations, and utilities for numerous years. Our deep experience, approach, and connections enable us to help clients find and develop creative solutions that can transform risk into reward, such as cross-industry emissions agreements or converting waste into energy for sale.

With more than a century of collective experience in environmental law, our team steps in to assist businesses when they encounter complex regulatory frameworks and policies that govern environmental practices. Whether navigating new legislation, ensuring compliance with existing regulations, or managing environmental risks, we provide invaluable assistance in understanding the intricacies of environmental laws, assessing potential impacts on business operations, and implementing strategies to mitigate risks and achieve compliance. We also advise businesses on sustainable practices, helping them minimize environmental footprints while maximizing operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Navigate Environmental Regulations

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