In the evolving gaming industry, businesses need an ally to thrive amidst regulatory shifts and market saturation.

How We Do It

We provide businesses in the gaming industry with advanced guidance and effective advocacy by leveraging our team’s collaborative, and creative problem-solving capabilities. Informed by a nuanced comprehension of regulatory frameworks and market trends, our team utilizes strategic business consulting, government relations, and legal guidance to assist clients in producing a collaborative and longer-term approach to rising above challenges and allowing our clients’ businesses to thrive.

The gaming industry group at Michael Best provides businesses with expert guidance and advocacy at nearly every phase of their company to help ensure future growth and health as they deal with regulatory shifts and market fluctuations in the dynamic gaming industry.

What We Offer

Despite being relatively young, the gaming industry is no stranger to facing complex and ever-changing regulatory issues.

Our comprehensive suite of services for the gaming industry spans a wide gamut, from regulatory audits, compliance, and advocacy to market analysis, licensing applications and renewals, risk assessments, responsible gaming initiatives, and strategic planning.

Through proactive advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and targeted public relations efforts, we enhance clients' visibility and influence within the industry while providing tailored advice to propel clients forward in the fast-paced and competitive gaming environment.

Be resilient and more effective

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