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While colleges, universities, and online education delivery systems face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in today’s market, they are also in a major transition period as they adapt to new consumer demands and regulatory issues.

How We Do It
In higher education, policy is frequently shaped by extensive groups of stakeholders, more so than in other sectors. Our team understands these dynamics and is particularly effective in helping clients leverage influential education stakeholder groups to achieve desired regulatory and legislative outcomes.

The Michael Best Higher Education experts work with clients to thoroughly assess an institution's current environmental practices and regulatory compliance status. We identify areas where the institution may be at risk of non-compliance and recommend improvements to enhance environmental stewardship.

We collaborate closely with university administrators, faculty members, and staff to develop tailored strategies and action plans. These could include implementing new policies and procedures, enhancing environmental education and awareness programs, integrating sustainability principles into campus planning and operations, and leveraging available resources and highly incentivized government programs.

Our team is poised to assist higher education institutions when they encounter challenges or opportunities related to environmental regulations and sustainability, including addressing compliance issues, developing, or updating policies, managing environmental risks, leveraging government related initiatives, and providing education and training on regulatory requirements and best practices.

What We Offer

We empower universities to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and advance in their environmental stewardship initiatives.

With a profound understanding of the workings of educational institutions, including the challenges and motivations of academic leaders, we offer comprehensive assistance to colleges and universities. This involves problem-solving, crisis management, and strategizing to help them reach their objectives. By closely collaborating with our higher education clients, we not only aid in achieving goals but also bolster their reputation, attract students and faculty, and contribute to broader endeavors within their communities.

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