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Hemp Seeds

Colorado Update: Industrial Hemp

Despite its legalization as an “industrial crop” in 2014, hemp still faces significant legal and, consequently, market uncertainty. Because hemp is a variety of...
Voting booths

A Potential Break in the House’s Blue Wave

The fall midterm contests are often a national referendum on the incumbent president’s first half of his term. Historically, presidents above a 50% approval...
Colorado Capitol Building

2018 Colorado Legislative Session Highlights

The 2018 Colorado General Assembly squeezed just about every second out of the statutorily prescribed 120-day legislative session, concluding official business at 11:58 p.m....

Part 2: How Environmentalists Are Using a Lizard to Shut Down the Oil and...

Last week we outlined the history of the decades-long battle between environmentalists and the oil and gas industry over the obscure species of the...



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