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energy and environment Environmental regulations and environmental policy are critically important to business success. Michael Best Strategies has strong expertise in air, water and land use regulations and policy, as well as a reputation for assisting innovators. We also maintain the relationships necessary to efficiently work toward quicker approvals. The Michael Best Strategies team is so committed to the full gamut of energy concerns that we publish a weekly newsletter devoted to the topic.

Meet Our Energy & Environment Team

Rob Marchant
President and Partner
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Jeff Hartley
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Andrew Hitt
Partner and Chief Operating Officer
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Abby Walsh
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Jeff Thormodsgaard
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Karen Timberlake
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Denise Bode
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Sarah Helton
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Stephanie Vojas
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Kevin Swanson
Senior Associate
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Alex Nichols
Legislative Assistant
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Patrick Firth
Legislative Assistant
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Evan Zeppos
Principal and Senior Affairs Advisor
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J.B. Van Hollen
Senior Advisor
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Robert Gross
Senior Advisor
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Tyler Foti
Senior Associate
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Mickey Foti
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John Zordani 
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Brandt Dietry
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